Production Assistant

As a production assistant, I am able to combine my ability to think outside the box with my organisational skills, attention to detail and perseverance to maximize efficiency. I like to integrate Excel macros and automation software into my workflows, and I believe that automation is the best approach to saving time in a busy production office. I have experience as a production and development assistant and I have a keen interest in the British film industry.


Production Experience

Development Researcher [Emergence Films] (Jan 2022 - Current) (in-house)

Production Assistant [Happy Feet by Do Nothing - music video] (Feb 2022)

Production Management Assistant [BBC] (in-house, full-time) (Jul 2022 – Sep 2022)

Runner (Gents, independent short film) (Jan 2022)

Content Producer Internship [BBC Creative Diversity] (Aug 2020 – Oct 2020)


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